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Based in central Norfolk, Home and Field is focussed on helping you develop a well-mannered, well-trained pet gundog that is a joy to live with and one that you can be proud of, wherever you are, in any environment.

The modern pet gundog has to be multi-faceted to fit in with family life. They are a pet, often living inside, in busy households, possibly with children and can be left by themselves during the working day. Then we take them out for a walk or run, where all their senses kick in and the excitement builds but we still require them to come when called and be good with other dogs and people. Not the easiest of scenarios for any dog to succeed in. Additionally, for some, there is also the prospect of working a dozen or so days during the season on a local shoot and possibly even competing in working tests and field trials.

Your Pet Gundog has many roles to fulfil which can be daunting but Home and Field is here to help. Fortunately, with a bit of training and some consistency, the modern gundog breeds are equipped to meet all of these demands.

Gundogs make great family pets as they are intelligent, loyal, adaptable and biddable but with these characteristics also comes boundless energy, bounce and drive which needs to be channelled if you are to have a well-mannered family member.

Training with Home and Field can help you enjoy your gundog by finding an outlet for the intrinsic drives and psyche of the gundog breeds such as free running, hunting and retrieving.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner with your first pet gundog and want a well-mannered pet that fits into your family or are more advanced in your training and aiming for a dog to enter the shooting world, Home and Field can help you achieve your goals.

By training in a positive, motivating, and enjoyable environment, and with an instructor who teaches in a way that you and your dog understand, the relationship between you and your dog will quickly become enhanced and you will see a dog looking to you for guidance and leadership… and then anything is possible.

Home and Field is proud to deliver the Accredited Pet Gundog Series of Training Courses and Workshops.

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Accredited Pet Gundog Courses

Why Accredited Pet Gundog Training?
By utilising the intrinsic behaviour of the gundog such as hunting and retrieving you can develop the relationship between you and your dog as you have fun together.

With Accredited Pet Gundog Training you will discover how dogs learn, why they have certain behaviours and how you can use these traits to train your dog to a high standard.

Accredited Pet Gundog Training - Who's it for?

Accredited Pet Gundog Training is a structured series of classes starting from Beginner through to Advanced which culminate in the Working Pet Gundog. All levels are open to gundog breeds of any age or ability including non-pedigree cross breeds such as Sprockers and Springadors.

The classes are certificated but there is no pressure to take the assessment if you don't wish to.


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